z6On Sunday, February 2, HALB families braved the cold and came together for their second Sifriyat Pijama Hebrew Literacy Event. Principal Rabbi Dovid Plotkin emphasized the importance of the Hebrew language as he welcomed close to 150 students, parents, and grandparents to this special event.

Families enjoyed an interactive Hebrew reading of Miriam Roth’s book Ha-Me’il shel Savta (Grandma’s Coat), as they learned the Hebrew words for sleeves (sharvulim), collar (tzavaron), pockets (kissim), and more. The vocabulary emphasized during the interactive reading was then utilized in activity stations that were “educational, fun, and family-focused,” according to one proud grandparent. Another parent noted that “each and every aspect of the program was connected to Hebrew literacy and engaged the children by transforming key concepts and vocabulary into exciting activities.” HALB families are looking forward to their next Sifriyat Pijama at HALB event and can’t wait to see what’s in store! v



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