Sifsei Chen


The newly reprinted sefer Sifsei Chen is fundamentally changing the learning of sifrei chassidus. In providing the groundwork and background for those unfamiliar with common themes in chassidus, the sefer is being hailed as an essential and indispensable resource for all lomdei Torah.

While there continue to be many manifestations of the explosion of Torah we have experienced in recent years, one of the most tangible is the field of sefarim. The sheer number of sefarim published in any given year is just mindboggling, covering virtually every miktzoa of Torah, and testifying to the vastness of the Torah revolution.

But for those who wanted to begin learning sifrei chassidus, a unique challenge remained despite all this, making them unable to benefit from this crucial part of Torah.

To properly learn chassidus, and to most effectively benefit from its life-transforming facets, there is a need for familiarity with lots of background information — information that is often left unsaid in the sefarim themselves. These ideas, while vital, were simple and well-known at the time, and now must be studied and learned all on their own, forming the foundation upon which to build everything else.

It is this void that Rav Shmuel Krausz, zt’l, recognized, and he began delivering shiurim on sifrei chassidus in an innovative way, addressing precisely this deficiency. These shiurim became legendary, and soon the world of sifrei chassidus was more accessible than ever.

The sefer Sifsei Chen is a result of his life’s work. Using understandable concepts and easy-to-read language, it ensures each and every person can now learn these important sefarim, unlocking an entirely new world of Torah for them.

That’s what makes Sifsei Chen stand out among the many sefarim printed today — it is a comprehensive scholarly work, with an incredibly vast scope, while, at the same time, it is focused on the need to be understandable to the layman who will be using it as an indispensable resource to the rest of the heilege sefarim.

Building on his life’s mission, the Mechon Sifsei Chen was launched. Its 18 yungeleit have already impacted the world profoundly, publishing several works—instant best-sellers — demonstrating the broad appeal of this project. They review each and every line, properly editing it to ensure more clarity, as well as adding hosafos and bei’urim in places where additional information or explanation would be beneficial.

Those who use and have come to rely on these sefarim (and kuntreisim on various yomim tovim) are not just those who already typically learn sifrei chassidus. The Mechon’s sefarim are relied on heavily by a cross-section of Klal Yisrael, whether they are chassidish, Litvish, or Sefardi, from accomplished rabbanim and roshei yeshiva to those taking their tentative first steps into the waters of Toras HaChassidus.

The Toldos Aharon Rebbe himself uses these sefarim; he thanked the Mechon for the “oneg ruchni” they afforded him these past Yomim Nora’im. Rav Tzvi Meir Zilberberg, shlita, testified that the sefarim were “eye-opening,” saying that they “made a mahapeichah (revolution) in the [Torah] world.”

Sefer Haklali: First Steps on an Incredible Journey

The primary work in this collection is the “Sefer Haklali,” which lays the groundwork for all the fundamental concepts found in various sefarim. It has been published several times in the past, each time to great acclaim, with haskamos from gedolei Yisrael of previous generations as well as from the present day.

This is the first time, however, that the Mechon published it. The result is a classic work that they made even more exceptional by totally redoing it, from the front cover to the final pages. They gave every single word the trademark Mechon Sifsei Chen treatment, including sources and explanations as well as all-new diagrams where needed.

Now, it has never been simpler for anyone who desires to enrich his life with all that sifrei chassidus have to offer to embark on this life-changing journey. The new and improved Sefer HaKlali–Sifsei Chen is now available wherever sefarim are sold.


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