Simcha Leiner at Shulamith with Yakira Lasky and Temima Steiner

Simcha Leiner Brings Simcha To Shulamith School
It was a morning of pure simcha at Shulamith as students were surprised by a concert featuring Simcha Leiner. Students of all ages danced, sang, and celebrated in the spirit of Adar. Thanks to the Women’s Organization for sponsoring the event!

Shulamith Fourth Graders Bring Purim Joy to Seniors

Shulamith Fourth Graders Bring Purim Joy To Seniors
The girls in fourth grade brightened the day of the senior citizens in the Grandell. They sang, danced, and gave the residents homemade mishloach manot packages. The girls even went from room to room to deliver their packages! The residents had tears in their eyes and gave the girls a berachah that they should always bring joy to everyone they meet. What a kiddush Hashem! Thank you to Mrs. Wachsler who coordinated drivers and to all the moms who accompanied the girls.

Shulamith Principal For A Day Rebecca Zimmer with student for a day Principal Dr. Evelyn Gross

Principal For A Day!
In celebration of Adar, each year the G.O. of Shulamith Middle Division announces a series of Dress Up Days. The finale this year is “Dress as a Teacher/Dress as a Student Day.”

Mitzvah Masquerade At Shulamith
The Annual “Mitzvah Masquerade” presentation and contest is an Adar highlight in the Shulamith Lower Division. The third and fourth graders were encouraged to work in groups to create costumes that represent a berachah, a mitzvah, or something from the Chumash.
The judges were so impressed with the girls’ originality and creativity! 


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