By Larry Gordon

It is beginning to make sense.  President Obama and even the UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon agreed that in view of the fact that missiles were being launched at Israel from Gaza that Israel certainly had the right to defend herself.

Why that particular sentiment needs to be articulated is still not clear.  Self-defense is a natural reflex no different than breathing or eating.  Don’t people have a right to breathe; don’t they have a right to eat?  Of course they do and they also have a right to defend themselves against harm no matter the circumstances or the source it comes from.

But interestingly enough while world leaders insisted that Israel does have a right to defend herself they also were just as emphatic about the Air Force attacks on Gaza and he unfortunate collateral damage incurred by civilians.

That is indeed a human tragedy of immense proportions and a situation created entirely by the terrorists in Hamas.  When the US State Department was repeatedly asked what they want Israel to do about not harming civilians in Gaza, all they would consistently say is that they ant Israel “to do more.”

What that more is or how to apply it is a mystery.  Israel as always did the maximum and will again in the future always seek to protect innocent civilians.  Now during this cease fire lull the criticism of Israel is blistering.  Mr. Moon says Israel perpetrated possible war crimes.  But he also said Israel has a right to self–defense.  And Mr. Obama has hinted at a similar sentiment. 

So upon closer examination how do we reconcile these two positions.  Well it appears that everyone agrees that Israel has the “right” to defend itself but that exercising that right may be a completely different matter.

Yes Israel has a right to defend herself but the world did not tell her, “Simple Simon says defend yourself.”


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