Baila Sebrow, shadchan and 5TJT columnist, is proud to present a Pre-Purim Blast and Game Night on Sunday, March 10, for frum singles ages 30-45, beginning at 6 p.m.

The evening will feature a unique fun game night, smorgasbord of delicacies, including hot and cold dishes, open wine bar, musical entertainment with an exciting line-up of professional singers. Raffles and prizes are added to the exciting evening, along with shadchanim and facilitators to help the participants meet one another.

This exceptional evening for singles will be taking place at The Bridge Multicultural Center, 1894 Flatbush Avenue, in Brooklyn. The event is L’zecher Nishmas Dovid Shmuel ben Yosef Mordechai, z”l, David Sebrow, who in his short lifetime was involved in many chasadim, especially shidduchim and tzedaka.

The program will benefit Project Machal, a joint project with the JCC of Marine Park, which provides hundreds of needy families with packages of food.

Admission is $36. For further information and reservations, please contact Baila Sebrow at 516-849-5863 or email






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