Baila Sebrow, shadchan and 5TJT columnist, is proud to present the special, elegant annual Shabbaton and melaveh malkah for marriage-minded singles, ages 39-55, iy’H, November 22–23, Parashas Chayei Sarah, at the beautiful ballroom of the Machon Basya Rochel Simcha Hall, 137 Lawrence Avenue in Lawrence.

This unique Shabbaton is specifically targeting an age group of singles who feel that there is no one out there for them. Many may still be able to have a family, and hope to, and others have been married before, but long to share their life again with a spouse. The accomplished quality men and women attending the Shabbaton have been facing painful loneliness yet are eager to be married.

The Shabbaton has always proven that singles in this age group can get married to each other. Each year there are at least one to two couples who have gotten married as a result of meeting one another at this event. It has gained so much popularity that singles travel from various parts of the world — Israel, Europe, South America, Canada — and from all over the U.S. for the opportunity to spend Shabbos in Lawrence in the hopes of meeting their bashert.

Spending Shabbos together with like-minded people maximizes the chance that the participants find each other compatible for marriage. The response to this venue has been overwhelming with registrations.

The Shabbaton will feature four gourmet catered meals, lavish Friday-night oneg, “Meet Your Bashert dating game,” dynamic popular and inspirational speakers, workshops, full interactive programming designed for meeting, and amazing ruach. An exciting gala melaveh malkah with sushi, pizza, and fun entertainment will follow this distinctive Shabbos. Devoted shadchanim and facilitators will be available throughout the event. As a special treat, one free month of new membership to SawYouAtSinai will be gifted to each registered guest who has not yet benefited from this wonderful site.

This Shabbaton is l’zecher nishmas Dovid Shmuel ben Yosef Mordechai, z’l, David Sebrow, who in his short lifetime dedicated himself to the mitzvah of helping singles and making shidduchim. For further information and reservations, please contact Baila Sebrow at 516-849-5863 or email


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