Two things occurred just this  moment: I heard my first air  raid siren in Jerusalem. It is  an Eerie feeling. Lots of thoughts  runs though ones mind. Should I seek cover? Can this be happening? In 2014 Jews are under attack in their historic capital after we  finally returned to our “safe borders.”

At that same moment, I received an e mail from a friend in the USA. She mentioned that she met a Muslim woman  shopping  for the Ramadan  feast. Just a regular  woman.. No  problem…

Thumbnail for 78204I  would  be  very curious to know what the Muslim  woman believes  about  the world of Islam VS  non Islam.
If she  follows her Koran, than  either  one is Muslim or slated  for  slavery or  death.(“Dar Al Islam VS Dar  Al Harb”)
Christians and Jews  are called monkeys  and pigs in the holy  Koran, the  book  that defines  one  as a Muslim.

Muhammad was  ruthless and  to  all, but  especially to Jews.
If Muhammad is  indeed  her  infallible prophet and shining example, than she is simply  a main stream Muslim

It has been ascertained that when Muslims surpass a certain percentage of general population then, well, society  begins  to look like a typical Muslim  country. Take your pick.

Perhaps I  am venting because of the siren  out my  window. The rockets are  seeking Jewish victims, my children, in the name of Islam  and I do not expect  to witness  Muslim protests against this. I don’t expect Israeli or any other Muslims to demonstrate  their out rage.
Muslims are indeed expressing rage  all over Israel today, attacking Jews indiscriminately, invoking Allah as they strike at Jews and at  any symbol of the Jewish state, that  so uniquely  protects their human  and political rights.

Is thereany place in the  world where Muslims have improved  society? Wait until the Muslims in the USA reach the percentages they  have reached in  Europe. I imagine that lots of Jews, will  have  a talk with “Nefesh Benefesh”(The  Aliyah  to Israel organization in  North America)

We are  at war  once  again  with the Muslims, this time  to the  south. The  Arabs  know they are  at war with the Jews – on every  front.  Many Israeli Jews, however, are still  wondering what to call this  latest “round” They really don’t  get it.
One  wonders if we are slowly  waking up, or do  we need  a few more “rounds” before we get into the ring with both feet.

Warm regards from our  beloved Jewish land


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