z8On Sunday, October 13, the Yeshiva of Far Rockaway paid tribute to the legacy of HaRav Ovadia Yosef, zt’l, with a moving hesped. Avi Goldstein, a YFR alumnus and parent, made a siyum on Rav Ovadia Yosef’s Yechaveh Da’as, a six-volume set of teshuvos.

Avi began learning Yechaveh Da’as almost 20 years ago, in order to efficiently use the time between aliyos on Shabbos (bein gavra l’gavra). It took approximately two years to learn through each chelek and one year to review it. Avi remarked that Rav Ovadia’s encyclopedic knowledge (some teshuvos cited dozens of sources) made learning Yechaveh Da’as a humbling experience.

In the final teshuvah, concerning the ongoing obligations of a ger tzedek to his non-Jewish parents who are ill or have passed away, Rav Ovadia insists that Torah study in the deceased’s honor is the best way to elevate his or her soul. Avi noted that that given Rav Ovadia’s total dedication to learning Torah, this is an appropriate way for the last teshuvah in Yechaveh Da’as to conclude. v


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