Yedida Holzer
Yedida Holzer
Yedida Holzer

Throughout the month of May, students from SKA High School donated books and school supplies to benefit the children in Ohel’s foster program.

Yedida Holzer, a junior at SKA, always had a passion for reading. She never took for granted the fact that she had the means to buy herself new books when she wanted and that she was able to obtain whatever she needed in order to succeed in life. She wanted to find a way to give back and spoke to her father about different volunteer opportunities. Her father told her about foster-care children, and Yedida quickly learned about Ohel and their award-winning foster care program.

Yedida reached out to Ohel, and together they set up the SKA book and school supply drive for foster children. To kick off the drive, Suzy Libin, an Ohel foster parent, gave a stirring speech to all of the girls and told them about her experiences as an Ohel foster parent.

The girls from SKA learned that foster children come in all ages, and just like everyone else, foster kids just want to feel like normal, regular children. The donations would be anonymous. Although they won’t meet the children who benefit from their generous gifts, they can feel good about themselves for doing something important–improving the life of a foster child.

It is important to remember that foster children find themselves in foster care through no fault of their own, but rather from external circumstances. These children don’t need pity, but rather support and encouragement, which the girls from SKA have generously contributed.

For more information about Ohel’s foster care programs, or other Ohel services which you can benefit from, contact 800-603-OHEL,, or v


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