This past weekend’s Five Towns’ Shabbos Project was celebrated in many ways at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls. Rabbi Yaakov Trump, assistant rabbi at the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst and the project’s liaison, addressed the students before the weekend to inspire their participation; they “kept it together” with millions of Jews worldwide!

Posters asking “How Will You Elevate Your Shabbos?” with practical suggestions were put up in the hallways, the SKA G.O. sponsored a leibedig Shabbos party, and Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin, NCSY education director, gave a spirited presentation on keeping Shabbos followed by student panel discussions on making Shabbos more meaningful. School-wide Friday night onegs for all the grades, held at the Saffra and Simon homes, were graced by dynamic limudeikodesh teacher Mrs. Rochel Chafetz. Thanks go to Rabbi Zakutinsky, Mrs. Elie Kaminetsky, Mrs. Yafa Storch, and all the teachers who assisted in making SKA’s Shabbos Project programs a huge success!

At the Challah Bake for the Shabbos Project in Bet Shemesh in Israel, women who had been mafrishchallah before were asked to share their challah with those who had never done hafrashatchallah. Elisheva Menchel Rudolph, (SKA ’99) gave her dough to three girls and began talking to them. She was so excited to find that they were recent SKA graduates now attending Tiferet Seminary!

It was truly one school, one people, one heart–one Shabbos!


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