SKA - Chanukah Party 2SKA’s special personal touch highlighted the festivities on the first days of Chanukah. On Wednesday and Thursday, December 17 and 18, twenty faculty members opened their homes to welcome the 350 students in the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls to warm and inviting Chanukah breakfasts. The girls baked cookies, spun dreidels, played games, sang Chanukah harmonies, and, at one house, even fed the backyard ducks after partaking in a scrumptious morning meal. It was a unique and warm way to start the weeklong celebration.

Since chesed is such an integral part of SKA, what better time is there to do chesed than the Festival of Lights, when SKAers shared their points of light with others. Making parties for Ivdu and Otzar, visiting the elderly in a nursing home, and packing clothing parcels for those less fortunate were Thursday’s Chanukah highlights.

The celebrations continued after Chanukah vacation with the annual school-wide Chanukah chagigah filled with leibidig dancing and ruach. The eagerly awaited yearly Chanukah auction gives the students the opportunity to bid on such items as Shabbosos at the homes of faculty members and lunch and yogurt outings with teachers; girls could even bid on having a custom-made scarf, with color and style of choice, knit by one of the faculty members. All the money raised goes to tzedakah, which makes this event even more meaningful.

Thanks to all the hosts and hostesses for opening up their homes and making this SKA Chanukah one of the best ever. Thanks also go to Rabbi Yosef Zakutinsky, director of student programming, and his assistant, Mrs. Yafa Storch, for their dedication and originality. When Chanukah is over, the extraordinary activities continue with the ninth-grade father—daughter breakfast on December 25, and then on motzaeiShabbos and Sunday . . . Production 2014!


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