x1The warm holiday atmosphere of Chanukah continued unabated when the students of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls returned after the Thanksgiving/Chanukah vacation. Festive Chanukah music played in the hallways and colorful boxes with spaces for raffle tickets were lined up in “the bowling alley” for the annual Chanukah auction. Chocolate gelt and candy bowls were placed around the building and decorations abounded. Plans for the rest of Chanukah included a wonderful chagigah and the G.O.’s “Nes Café.” But what really added to the Chanukah ambiance on Tuesday, December 3, were the myriad chesed opportunities for each grade!

Visitors from Otzar were treated to a joyful Chanukah party by the ninth grade, while the eleventh grade went to do bikur cholim at the Nautilus Home for Adults and Mercy Hospital. Many students commented on how happy they were to do chesed, and the joy they brought was priceless. The seniors arranged a special day for the students at Gymnasia in Queens; sharing Chanukah simcha was the theme of the day!

Bringing chesed to new heights that day, sophomores Sara Raizel Jedwab, Jordana Schwartz, and Dana Schwartzstein launched a new organization called ACT: Ahavas Chesed Chinam. ACT hopes to have every tenth-grader participate in acts of kindness and friendship through the year. Declaring that “we ACT with love,” this new student-run program strives to inspire the girls by “paying it forward.” Each act of kindness brings another one. After a stirring presentation in the SKA library, the sophomores were treated to delicious potato kugel for Chanukah. v


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