The students in Mrs. Reva Hirsch’s Freshman English class at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls had triple opportunities this month to have fun and to expand their educational horizons.

On Monday, February 3, the girls heard from Ms. Sally Klein, a social worker at New York University Hospital who works with people with Treacher Collins syndrome; she discussed the physical, psychological, and emotional impact of dealing with craniofacial deformities. Ms. Klein’s multidimensional talk gave the girls a real-life understanding of the book they were reading in school, Wonder, about a boy with facial deformities and they got a glimpse of what lifelong challenges some people have to deal with.

Taking tests is usually not considered an enjoyable experience, but it was when Mrs. Hirsch’s students came to her home to take their exam on Thursday evening, February 6. The evening turned into a fun-filled bonding event with a lot of schmoozing and laughing.

In another out-of-the-classroom experience, Mrs. Hirsch and her English class took the Long Island Rail Road on Thursday evening, February 11, and went to the city to see the Broadway adaptation of The Glass Menagerie. As a prelude to the show, they stopped into Toys ‘R’ Us and rode the Ferris wheel. The play was outstanding and the girls couldn’t get over how it mirrored the play they read in school, allowing them to see the words they had learned in class come to life. v


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