q1After a very melodic Rosh Chodesh and Chanukah davening, the bell at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls rang for second period on Wednesday, December 4. A few minutes later, the students heard Mrs. Spirn’s announcement over the loudspeaker. “Get your coats on, girls. We’re going on a mystery bus ride!” This was a great way to celebrate Chanukah in a fun-filled and surprising manner; there was so much excitement in the air!

The mystery location? The Parkwood Sports Complex in Great Neck where students from all the grades enthusiastically enjoyed a morning of ice skating! For those who needed a break, there were games set up on tables around the rink. It was a really wonderful way for all the classes to bond with each other and their teachers in a very different setting. A delicious pizza lunch was provided to faculty and students by the SKA Parent Council.

On the return home, the girls were greeted by joyous music provided by Gary Wallin and went straight into the auditorium to dance with fellow students and faculty at a Chanukah chagigah. Circles and circles of dancing girls filled the room–it was a perfect way to celebrate the last night of candle lighting! v


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