SKA - Stern HonorsYeshiva University has chosen ten outstanding students at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls for early admission to the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program. All ten of SKA’s applicants have been awarded scholarships to Stern College for Women.

The girls are talented leaders in the school and have strong academic records and an impressive list of awards and accomplishments. All plan to spend a year in seminary in Israel before taking their places in Stern. In addition to the scholarship, the program promotes the students’ intellectual and personal growth.

Mazel tov to SKA scholars Brielle Broder, Racheli Dyckman, Aliza Hersch, Leah Klahr, Rachel Kwestel, Racheli Moskowitz, Leelah Paul, Ilana Radinsky, Paulette Tawil, and Shira Wein


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