z7Bonfires! Scavenger hunts! Senior Shabbaton! Tisch! Lag B’Omer this year at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls was observed in a variety of ways, and each grade decided that its individual event was the best.

The festivities began on Thursday night, May 15, when the sophomores gathered at the Fishman home in Woodmere for “TNT” (Thursday Night Tisch), where they dined on cholent, potato kugel, and sushi. In the spirit of achdut, they watched a video produced by 10th-graders Rachel Meyer and Samie Kirschner in which the girls noted their favorite memory of the year in SKA. Inspiring divrei Torah and animated singing rounded out the evening.

The seniors, relishing one of their last weekends together as a grade, had a wonderful Shabbaton in Woodmere, notwithstanding the Friday-night rain. An oneg at the Jacobson home and shalosh seudot graced by Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone culminated in a Lag B’Omer bonfire Motzaei Shabbat at the home of Mrs. Ralbag, their grade-level advisor. Roasting marshmallows and spirited singing accompanied by 12th-grader Nava Gross on the guitar ended Shabbat on a high note. The 11th grade also had a bonfire and barbecue motzaei Shabbat at the home of Mrs. Kaminetsky, SKA’s director of religious guidance, with the added bonus of the music of the SKA band. Divrei Torah from Mrs. Kaminetsky and Mrs. Mezei about thanking Hashem inspired the lively singing of the evening, with harmonies relating to “tov l’hodot l’Hashem.”

“Light Up the Night” was the theme for the 9th grade’s event on motzaei Shabbat, and the hallways of SKA echoed with the sounds of laughter as the freshmen held a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt. Searching for clues in all three buildings on the SKA campus, the girls, divided into teams, wore glow necklaces and bracelets and carried flashlights as they searched in the dark for clues. The moving kumsitz was the highlight of the evening; faculty members and students spoke of the unity of the grade and how girls from so many different elementary schools came together as friends and formed a solid connection. It was a beautiful way to look back on a beautiful year.

Thanks go to the Fishman, Jacobson, Kaminetsky, and Ralbag families for opening their homes and to Rabbi Zakutinsky, director of student programming, Mrs. Storch, Ms. Bensoussan, and all the grade-level advisors and madrichot who planned and accompanied these remarkable programs. Celebrating Lag B’Omer was a truly bonding event for all of SKA! v

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