2The MACS (Modesty Awareness Committee by Students) committee of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has done it again! On Wednesday, April 2, MACS presented “MACSimize Your Beauty: Looking at Beauty Through Another Lens,” focusing on inner beauty. Under the direction of Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Director of Religious Guidance, and Mrs. Dena Kobre, 12th-Grade and Israel Advisor, the entire student body participated in a truly inspiring program promoting internal beauty and what it means. Using the history of the Dove advertising campaign as a starting point, the girls watched student produced videos; they then took part in small sessions discussing articles prepared in the MACS program sourcebook, complete with questions posted on Instagram such as “Does your reflection in the mirror show who you are inside?”

The sessions provoked very honest responses as the students expressed how important they felt inner, rather than external, beauty is in themselves and their friends. An inspiring video produced by Jordana Bienenfeld highlighting SKA students and faculty members discussing their interpretations of inner beauty was also shown. The response was electric as girls nodded in agreement and clapped in appreciation.

At the end of the program, both the students and faculty members of SKA received a surprise gift. Individual compacts, labeled with each person’s name, were given out–but these were not ordinary mirrors. Each one was specific to the person, with four exclusive personal virtues printed on the opposite side of the reflection. When one looks at oneself in the mirror, rather than only seeing the outward likeness, you can now reflect on what’s inside at the same time!

Thank-you to all the administrators, teachers, and MACS members who contributed so much to such a meaningful program. v


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