SKA students organized and hosted a dynamic Poetry Slam on Thursday, March 22, at the Young Israel of Woodmere. They were joined by local schools DRS, Shalhevet, and Rambam; Frisch and Flatbush braved the snow and also attended. Students were asked to write both bop and free verse poems.

The poetic theme resonated with all performing poets because as we move through the Jewish calendar, we encounter many experiences, positive and negative, wild and somber. In the time between Purim and Pesach, our mindsets and emotions are shifting and changing. The student poets wrote about exploring change and transition in their everyday lives or in the greater society/world. The poets had a maximum of five minutes to perform both poems and were judged on their use of language, adherence to the theme and form, and the quality of the performance.

SKA almost swept the finalist round as Melanie Sokolow, Tova Rosen and Jenny Lifshitz won awards for Best Bop, Best Free Verse, and Best Overall Performance. Chani Berger and Sara Stein also participated. Thanks go to faculty advisor Mrs. Arielle Parkoff for assisting in making this a stellar event. It was really a remarkable day!


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