a3By Tehilah Ebrani, 12th Grade

After months of practice and hard work, Production, one of the most exciting events of the year at Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, finally arrived! On motzaei Shabbat, December 28, and Sunday afternoon and evening, December 29, SKA students were able to get on stage and show what they had been working so hard on since the beginning of the school year.

Dreams, the theme of Production this year, began with the choir heads singing the American and Israeli national anthems, and included inspiring harmonies from the choir, beautifully crafted dances, reflective musical drama, and hysterically funny comedy. The sign-language classes sang and signed on a dark stage; the fluorescent gloves they wore lent an otherworldly effect. The SKA band, with girls playing violins, flute, guitar, drums, and piano, was outstanding!

Every student involved in this year’s Production, in whatever capacity, really had her moment to shine! Since over 200 girls participate in Production, connections were formed across the grades, making Production a wonderful bonding experience. All three shows were sold out and the auditorium was filled with family members, friends, and the SKA faculty, who all came to watch the magnificent shows and cheer for the students. Each show ended with a “finale” where all the girls of Production all came back on stage and sang the theme song.

This year’s Production was one of the best ones yet and a huge success. A special thank-you goes to Mrs. Terri Wagner, SKA’s “First Lady of SKA Theatre,” who has been leading the SKA Production for 18 years!

Mrs. Helen Spirn, SKA’s head of school, noted with pride, “So many girls shone on the stage with heightened confidence and enjoyment. Our senior heads displayed amazing leadership and teamwork and the backstage technical crew worked so hard to ensure that every performance ran smoothly. The dedication and commitment all these students displayed was amazing; what an incredible outlet for our students’ self-expression and creativity!”

SKA Production 2013 was a dream come true! v


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