Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls Israel alumnae reunion


The annual Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls Israel alumnae reunion is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year.

At the gathering at the OU Center in Jerusalem, held this year on Asarah B’Teves, Tuesday, January 6, Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, principal, religious studies, and Mrs. Paghit Ralbag, 12th grade level adviser, welcomed the girls who are attending Israeli seminaries this year. Before the fast ended, Mrs. Kaminetsky gave an insightful shiur to the alumnae. Following the break fast seudah, there was happy mingling, spirited schmoozing, and much reminiscing. A special treat at the reunion was seeing former faculty member and SKA graduate Mrs. Aviva Zimmerman Dennis who had taught many of the graduates before moving to Israel, and who came with her baby.

Another highlight of the evening was hearing from a panel of six SKA alumnae who had previously made aliyah; all graduated different years, have different professions, and live in different communities in Israel. Shaina Margolis Wurtzberger, Abby Rabinowitz Beinenfeld, Talia William Eisen, Nava Lauer Feigenbaum, Daniella Jacubowitz Berman, and Sharon Elsant Weinstein spoke about their high school years in SKA and what motivated them to move to Israel. They discussed the joys and challenges of living in Israel and gave the recent graduates advice about their seminary year. It was truly a great night for all!

Each SKA graduate also had her own personal meeting with Mrs. Kaminetsky and Mrs. Ralbag to discuss her progress and explore her aspirations for the year. In addition to the reunion and individual meetings, the SKA administrators visited most of the seminaries the alumnae attend. The graduates will always be part of the SKA community!

HALB Lev Chana Celebrates Siyum Sefer Bereishis

HALB Lev Chana Celebrates Siyum Sefer Breishis

Excitement permeated the air as Friday arrived. A sea of beautifully decorated crowns with pictures of sifrei Torah, illustrations of stories from favorite parshiyot, and aleph bet letters filled the multi-purpose room as Rabbi Yossi Ungar, first grade HALB rebbe, shared divrei Torah, stories, and songs and asked questions about the 12 parshiyot of Sefer Bereishit with the kindergarten children and their morot. Led by Morah Felecie Akerman, the four-year-old nursery children and their morot watched a pictorial presentation and sang songs from each parshah. The three-year-old children sang and danced in the hallways holding sifrei Torah. Special Torah cookie treats in addition to the regular delicious Shabbat snacks were enjoyed by all.

DRS Color War

DRS Color War

DRS students recently participated in DRS’s sixth Color War competition. There were plenty of activities in this grade vs. grade competition, each displaying the great creative talents of the students. The events began with intense games of Musical Chairs and Simon Says, which came down to the wire. During the Color War Chidon, students were tested on Hilchos Chanukah and the themes of this year’s event: Shirah, Hoda’ah, Gevurah, and Orah.

Throughout the day, students participated in skills competitions, Iron Chef, Bucket Brigade, Spikeball, basketball, and a variety of other miscellaneous activities. At the end of the day, exciting closing ceremonies included a comedy video, talent competition, theme presentations, and window art! The leadership, teamwork, and spirit were evident throughout the school. Congratulations to the senior grade on their narrow victory, and special thanks to Rabbi Farber and Rabbi Brazil for putting it all together!


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