SKA Robotics
SKA Robotics

The CIJE VEX Robotics League’s annual Robotics Competition was quite different this year because of the pandemic. Usually held in one spot with several schools competing, this year’s competition had schools competing against themselves!

Twelve Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls’ students in Mr. Andres Pabon’s engineering class divided into two teams on Monday, January 11, for the CIJE’s (Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education) Tech Robotics Traveling Roadshow Competition and competed with their student-produced Vex robots. Through this initiative, the students gained firsthand exposure to robotics, which consists of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. This exercise teaches a creative approach to problem solving as well as the opportunity to hone skills like collaboration, strategic thinking, and troubleshooting.

The goal of Monday’s competition: Take a ball and put it into the hoop. The SKA girls’ robots’ abilities and characteristics were tested against each others’ and it was a very close race to determine the winner.

Mazel tov to SKA Team 1 who were the winners of the Fall 2020 competition! 


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