The PlayDoh and the Brain


Glad to be back in school after an uplifting Sukkot yom tov and a ten-day hiatus on Zoom, the students of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls enjoyed a special chesed program sponsored by the Student Council on Wednesday, October 21. The month of Cheshvan is usually referred to as “Mar” Cheshvan since no Jewish holidays are found in it; the council members wanted to welcome the month in an original and pleasant way while masked and socially distant.

Each girl was given a tile and marker and chose an inspirational Hebrew and English quote to inscribe on the empty space. The tiles were then sent to a nursing home for the residents to place on their walls, with the hope of brightening their days.

To really rejoice in the new month, everyone had an opportunity to write positive anecdotes about her fellow classmates. The slips of papers were then deposited into the girls’ personalized envelopes to be read and enjoyed by the recipients. The individual snacks that were distributed added an especially sweet way to end the program.

The session was a great introduction to SKA’s 2020–2021 Student Council and a warm welcome to the month!

SKA AP Psych Students Use Their Brains

Studying the human brain became a hands-on project in Mrs. Rikki Ash’s SKA AP Psychology class on Wednesday, October 21. Using Play-Doh, the girls molded shapes of brains in order to solidify their knowledge of this human organ. To make the lesson more exciting, each girl competed to see who could form the most realistic brain; the winner received an extra two points on their next test!


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