An exceptional turnout of prospective parents and students was welcomed to the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls on Sunday, October 21. The auditorium was completely filled during the introductory remarks by head of school Mrs. Helen Spirn, and the enthusiasm was contagious during the parent and student tours as faculty members described their subjects and goals. The richness of the curriculum and the warmth and dedication of the staff were apparent throughout the morning.

Student volunteers added energy to the tours as the girls eagerly shared their insights into the excellent academic program of SKA and the outstanding extracurricular experiences they are offered. Pointing out the state-of-the-art classroom smartboards, the computer lab, and the modern biology and chemistry labs, the SKAers were excited to share their school with the future students. They highlighted the very popular art academy and electives such as sign language, forensics, and creative writing, while also mentioning the extremely successful chesed program that is such an integral part of the school.

Serenaded by chamber music performed by several members of SKA’s band, under the direction of production director Mrs. Terri Wagner, the eighth graders were given SKA totes filled with informational brochures about the school. Following the program, parents and students had the opportunity to converse with the administration and faculty members of SKA. Celebrating 20 years of educating the whole girl, SKA offers its students spiritual growth and personal development! They look forward to welcoming the Class of 2017!


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