Over 120 eighth-graders from several metropolitan elementary schools recently got a taste of what their experience at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls would be like. With SKA students serving as welcoming ambassadors, girls from HALB, Shulamith, YCQ, HANC, and others got a glimpse of some of the highlights the school has to offer, along with the warmth and energy it projects.

After refreshments, the eighth-graders heard from Mrs. Helen Spirn, head of school, Rabbi Dr. Jeff Rothman, principal of grades 9—10, and Rabbi Yosef Zakutinsky, director of student programming, followed by panelists from different grades who answered questions about the school and discussed their own high-school experiences. Mrs. Yael Gelernter, admissions liaison, who helped plan the day’s events, personally greeted all the girls she had met during the interview process.

Can you see yourself at SKA? The visitors were placed into various groups and had the opportunity to “spend an hour at SKA” by attending Tanach, art, math, and dance classes. They even played Panoply, giving them a chance to meet girls applying from other schools and experience the creative and unique programming SKA has to offer. The hallways were thronged with current and hopeful students making their way to their various classrooms.

SKA binders filled with SKA paraphernalia were among the souvenirs the eighth-graders took home. It was a wonderful way to end a very informative day. v


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