Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Rothman demonstrates halachot of borer
Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Rothman demonstrates halachot of borer
Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Rothman demonstrates halachot of borer

Every Wednesday, the 12th-graders of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls have the opportunity to hear from an inspiring speaker, attend a special outing, or participate in an interesting and informative activity in what is called senior seminar. Organized by Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, SKA’s director of religious guidance, and assisted by the 12th-grade advisers, Mrs. Avital Braun and Mrs. Paghit Ralbag, senior seminar has proven to be an informative and entertaining experience for the 12th-graders of SKA.

On Wednesday, December 3, a halachah fair with four different applicable halachic presentations was arranged for the seniors. One session was given by Rabbi Dov Schreier, kashrut administrator for the OU, about checking food for infestation. Rabbi Schreier demonstrated how different foods may be affected and the proper ways to clean and eat them. Another session was a presentation from Ms. Bracha Lourie, a makeup artist who saw the need for Shabbat makeup with a proper hechsher and started her own Shabbat makeup line. Realizing that she was in a position to educate the community about the halachot of applying makeup on Shabbat, Ms. Lourie shared her knowledge with her customers and the students of SKA.

Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Rothman, principal of academic initiatives and advanced learning, brought several examples to show the students practical applications of the halachot of “borer”–sorting–on Shabbat. These halachot are extremely important as there is almost always a need to sort on Shabbat; Rabbi Rothman reviewed the halachot and applied them to various common real-life situations. In a final presentation, Mrs. Paghit Ralbag taught the importance of the halachot of hafrashatchallah, specifically when making other items besides challah. To put their newfound knowledge into play, the girls had the opportunity to bake delicious cinnamon buns!

SKA’s senior seminar’s halachah fair really helped the girls understand halachah as it applies to daily life.


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