Kids of Courage received this letter after its most recent winter trip.

Although mere words can never quite say what we really feel, once again, we would like to proclaim what we can never mention enough: Thank you! You guys did it … again! Taking young adults who would never otherwise in a million years even dream of skiing down slopes, and, in classic inimitable KOC fashion, actually making the impossible happen! And not simply a meek slip down a hill, but a real wild thriller giving us the time of our lives…

As I was on the chair lift on the way up for my second run after having an amazing time skiing down one round, I couldn’t help but marvel how Kids of Courage confirmed to us once more that courage doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid; courage just means that fear does not stop you. It’s utterly heartwarming how you guys keep on proving this.

Although the entire trip from start to finish (hey, do these incredible memories ever even finish?) was full of amazing moments, these are some of the highlights that we especially want to acknowledge gratefully. On Thursday, wheelchair figure-skating on the rinks in Chelsea Piers was a fabulous “warm-up” for this spectacular ski trip. After a de“light”ful experience at Yankee Candle Factory on Friday, we enjoyed the amazing wholesome atmosphere of a KOC Shabbos, which was wonderfully chilled and relaxed with lots of time to sit and schmooze with friends. The melaveh malkah on motzaei Shabbos was awesome with Yoni Z, Shtendig, and Leviticus. We could have danced all night but had to be up early the next morning for ski day at Mount Snow!

Kids of Courage ski trip

This trip was like a well-oiled machine with everything running perfectly on time, a factor that everyone appreciated. Even when there was the tiny hitch of one bus being stuck on the ice, that didn’t stop Kids of Courage from continuing on its journey. Literally within a matter of minutes, everything was resolved and everyone was happy. In no time at all, we were all on our way, way faster than a tow truck could ever show up! Thank you, logistics!

This trip, as well as all the others, really fortifies us, giving us courage throughout the entire year, way after we all hug goodbye. The special memories that all you KOC angels help us create truly keep us going, and remind us that fear should never stop us from dreaming big and actually achieving our dreams.

Thank you Kids of Courage for giving us the time of our lives. But most of all, thank you for gifting us with the message and mission of KOC: Be a kid of courage. Don’t let fear, difficulty, or disability ever stop you. Dream big. And, with KOC cheering you on, achieve your dreams, one mighty trip at a time!

With much love and
appreciation always,

The Courageous Brothers



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