There is a huge misconception in the world regarding being skinny. People think that their life will be so much better if they were smaller. If the numbers on the scale were lower and if their dress sizes were different.

Women genuinely believe that if only they were skinny, not healthy and not in shape, but if they were plain old skinny, they would be so much happier. Unfortunately, their life is on hold until that happens. I hear people saying, if only I was skinny, I would find someone to marry me. If only I was skinny, I would have less anxiety. It’s a super sad situation knowing women can put so much stress on being skinny and let it take over their life, thinking it’s the key to success and happiness.

I would think that times have changed and that women became more confident and secure with who they are and what they’ve accomplished as opposed to what they look like. But that word “skinny” is just taking us all over and not letting us be happy with our overall achievements in life.

For over a year now I’m trying as hard as I can to give back the belief in women that they are beautiful and powerful without being so concerned about the numbers. Incorporating strength and weight training into their everyday workouts can help train their brains and bodies to be strong and healthy.

We need to push away the stigma of being skinny and refill it with the idea of being healthy and fit. Only that change in mindset can help us understand the true meaning of happiness.

The science behind weight training is fascinating. Our bodies and muscles go through drastic change over time without much of a drop down in the numbers on the scale. Our muscles get bigger, tighter, and stronger, creating a leaner and fit overall appearance by being healthy as opposed to skinny. True, at the end, that goal of being “skinnier” will be met, but the journey to get there is understanding and accepting the idea of strength and power.

All-around satisfaction comes from internal gratification. We were never fully taught this concept and continue to only focus on the external. We need to help women learn how to be happy with themselves by erasing the word “skinny” from their vocabulary and replacing it with health, strength, and power. Skinny is too specific of an adjective to use in our day-to-day life to create happiness. “Fit” and “strong” are more of generalized words that can really help people reach their goals and stay true to themselves.

Let’s try to push the word “skinny” out of our dictionary and focus on understanding ourselves as women of strength and courage.

You got this.

Let’s remember, be you, only stronger!

Peace out,



Shana Katz is a personal trainer and founder of Sweat with Shana. To contact her, WhatsApp 718-614-8589 or e-mail


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