The SkySaver product, developed by Israeli engineers and marketed by a chareidi company, was honored by being accepted as a member of the National Defense Industrial Association. The company has recruited leading professionals in the field in the U.S. including senior commanders in the American fire department. Mr. Eliezer Gross, chairman, notes, “This is a sign of respect that will allow us to expand our activities.”

The SkySaver product, which enables people to easily escape high-rise buildings in times of emergency, has been capturing more and more interest. It provides people with the peace of mind in knowing that in times of emergency they will be able to rescue themselves with minimal risk.

The product has captured hearts in the U.S., and now the company has been accepted as a full member of the U.S. National Defense Industrial Association, NDIA. SkySaver has been accepted following reviews and feasibility analysis by NDIA officials. The NDIA includes approximately 800 member agencies, as membership allows these organizations to work with U.S. federal agencies as well as local governments.

SkySaver has hired leading professionals in the U.S., including Bob Cade, until recently commander of the development unit of the New York and Harlem Fire Department. Kade, who recently retired, served in the New York Fire Department for 30 years and was, among other roles, commander of the Brooklyn district and a senior member of the Council of American Firefighters.

Also hired by SkySaver is Dennis Amadeo, former commander of the New York elite firefighter unit “Rescue Time,” its objective to rescue firefighters stranded in dangerous situations.

SkySaver has recently expanded its operations and has also been picked as the exclusive distributor of fireproof masks made of breathing fabric.

The company executives will be attending the global meeting of professionals in the field of firefighting to be held in San Diego.

Mr. Kade says, “Accepting our company as a member of the NDIA is a sign of respect to the company which will allow us to market our products to the U.S. government, as we continue to expand operations.”

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