We, the Jewish people, are rich with challenges and controversies these days. And on second thought, it may not be just these days but rather our hallmark or our distinguishing signature that sets us apart from all others.

We can jump from dramatic changes in the Chareidi community and their relationship with the notion of national service, US Secretary John Kerry’s obsession with a paper peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and on and on it goes.

Today, Israel’s newspapers are reporting that not unlike the Obama administrations duplicitousness, the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu has been adhering to a de facto building freeze in parts of the Old City of Jerusalem since the beginning of the year. It is both a courageous and silly decision by the Prime Minister because it has already been proven several times before that these quiet under the table gestures do little to satisfy the voracious appetite of people like the PA’s President Mohammad Abbas to swallow up all of Israel.

But you can rest assured that though it is misguided and counterproductive that Mr. Netanyahu is working with Mr. Kerry and the President in order to come up with the right formula or combination of proposals that can goad Mr. Abbas back to the negotiating table.

But though this effort is being made at the behest of the US it is not right for Israel to paralyze or shut down the lives of Israeli citizens building their homes in the land of Israel legally and properly. I would like to suggest that Mr. Netanyahu does cooperate with this attempt but that he considers what Mr. Abbas would do in a situation like this if similar demands were made of him.

I am wholeheartedly in favor of slowing down construction of it will help to enhance this illusive if not absolutely ridiculous peace process. I suggest that instead of construction workers at Israeli sites beginning their day at 8am, that they begin at 8:30 and and that the quit a half hour earlier each day as well. Once this is done Netanyahu can certainly report to the Americans that building has slowed down. If the US is not satisfied then how about expanding workers lunch breaks by 10 minutes or so. This will effectively slow down construction even further.

Sure, it’s ridiculous—but so is the whole go nowhere process that is taking so much of Secretary Kerry’s time.


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