Lev Chana - SmartboardsThree of HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center’s nursery teachers were thrilled when they walked into their classrooms last week. There on their walls was the-state-of-the art, interactive Smart Board they had been waiting for! On Wednesday afternoon, the teachers and assistants from those classes, along with the Lev Chana Ivrit teacher and co-directors, were enthusiastic to participate in a Smart Board training session. Faygie Ravitz, technology integration specialist from the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education, demonstrated, in this first of several planned workshops, just a few of the stimulating ways Lev Chana teachers can utilize the boards to develop hands-on, thought-provoking lessons.

The very next day, all three classes began using the boards to conduct interactive, fun-filled lessons with their children, which included working on skills such as one-to-one correspondence as the children dragged vibrant-colored leaves and acorns to trees and squirrels, and traced the letter F after moving words beginning with F to a special box. “In just one day, we already see how powerful and exciting using the Smart Board can be. It enhances lessons and concepts and adds a new dimension to the learning experience,” commented Lisa Zakutinsky, co-director of Lev Chana ECC. “We look forward to expanding its use in more classrooms over the course of the year,” added co-director Felecie Akerman.


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