Shoshana Yarmish gets a hug from one of the Chaverim

By Aliza Coronel and Meira Berkowitz, Grade 8

On Thursday, October 25, the Shulamith Middle Division Chesed Club had the privilege of visiting the Chaverim, a group of Holocaust survivors who meet weekly at the JCC in Cedarhurst. The girls socialized with the survivors and heard their miraculous stories. One participant enthused, “It was an experience that I will never forget. Everyone was so enthusiastic and excited to see us, and we were so excited to see them.”

The eighth-graders helped the survivors by being their waitresses and serving them a festive lunch. They then joined in some spirited dancing. The event was enjoyed and will be cherished by all. Thank you to Mrs. Rachel Steiner for organizing this outing and to Mrs. Kobi for chaperoning


  1. can this author please be in touch with me because my daughter is seriously considering going to one of those and i need to know if the problem is resolved and that same rabbi m is not there anymore .. thank you so much


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