By Anessa V. Cohen

It has been quite a week, with much of our time dedicated to dealing with the snow and ice that has accumulated on a steady basis. Every time we go out to clean our sidewalks, driveways, and steps, another storm sweeps in to dump another load of snow our way, and we start shoveling all over again.

The salt business must be coming through with brisk dividends for all its investors this week. I know that no matter how much salt I have purchased, somehow it never seems enough for the amount of ice I need to melt, and each day that passes I give thanks once again for buying a good-quality ice chopper.

The only downside to using the ice chopper is that after banging up and down with that chopper for a while, your head feels like a bouncing ball, and a migraine starts to creep its way through your head to add insult to the injury of shoveling snow and breaking ice patches.

When that migraine hits, it is a sign that it is time to go inside for a nice cup of hot chocolate; if you can find a few marshmallows to throw in or add some whipped cream on top, it will make that cup all the better. There is nothing better for getting rid of a pounding headache than hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. If you want to really make yourself forget all about that oncoming migraine, just add a couple of chocolate-chip cookies on the side and you won’t even remember you ever had a migraine at all!

Finished that cup of hot chocolate? Well, then, back to work! I went to my desk to catch up on the paperwork calling my name, then checked online to see what was happening on various fronts as I got ready to move on to my next project.

Well, well, well! What did I find posted here? It seems there was some trouble in paradise this week, as some of the many folks taking advantage of the great airfares from Etihad Airways with stops in Dubai got a wake-up call when they tried to board the plane for their deal-of-the-year flight! Etihad personnel decided that they would not allow on their planes any passengers who had Israel listed as their place of birth even if the passport was American. U.S. passports were being randomly scrutinized as these Arabs decided which Jews should not be allowed on their flights.

Funny, I thought there were some strong laws in place for any airline even thinking to do such a thing. So now I guess we will be hearing the beginnings of a new project called, “Let’s sue Etihad Airways for discrimination.” All those who want to join, raise your hands.

This will have to take place in New York; we can all observe Etihad Airways officials coming into court to state their case among all these Jewish ticketholders who have either been refused entry to the plane or are anticipating problems with Etihad Airways when they next try to fly. This should be a good one to watch!


The forecast for tonight is snow again–what a surprise! Well, my snow-blower is waiting by the garage door, my ice-breaker nearby, and I have piled six bags of salt on the floor of my garage. The only thing left to do is to put out the hot chocolate, marshmallows, and whipped cream! v

Anessa Cohen lives in Cedarhurst and is a licensed real-estate broker and a licensed N.Y.S. mortgage broker with over 20 years of experience, offering full-service residential and commercial real-estate services (Anessa V Cohen Realty) and mortgaging services (First Meridian Mortgage) in the Five Towns and throughout the tri-state area. She can be reached at 516-569-5007 or via her website, Readers are encouraged to send questions or comments to



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