Ivdu Social Learning


Aliza Goldstein’s class at Ivdu Long Island has begun a new social-skills curriculum. Each Tuesday, the class learns a lesson from “We! Thinkers,” a Social Thinking® curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner. The program is designed to help students develop the skills they need to be flexible social thinkers and social problem-solvers.

Students are excited when “social groups” time comes around, and they enjoy listening to the storybooks as well as participating in the hands-on activities that are embedded throughout the lessons. Students are contributing to the lessons, and making observations and predictions about the stories based on the social concepts they are learning.

Some of the concepts that the class has covered include identifying and understanding thoughts and feelings, following a group plan, and using our eyes to gather social information. Throughout the day, the social vocabulary is used and reinforced in the classroom. The students have shown a strong ability to understand and apply the social concepts and vocabulary, and are showing great progress.

Ivdu is a division of Yachad and provides a warm and stimulating K–5 special education option in the Five Towns. For more information, please call Miriam Reifer, school administrator, at 718-758-2999, ext. 3, or email reiferm@ou.org.


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