The HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center kindergarten and nursery children enjoyed a special visit from Rabbi Yair Oppen, sofer, ba’al tekiyah, and owner of Oppen Scrolls. The children sat entranced as Rabbi Oppen stood before a table crammed with shofros from many different kosher animals. He explained that the twisted horn of an ayal is the preferred one we use to blow during ChodeshElul and on Rosh Hashanah, because it reminds us of the horns of the animal that Avraham Avinu pulled free from the bush. This shofar reminds Hashem how Avraham listened to Him and loved doing His mitzvos.

Rabbi Oppen demonstrated how twisted horns also remind us that we need to be humble and bent when we daven to HaKadoshBaruchHu. The children were able to tell Rabbi Oppen that we blow the shofar as a signal to wake up and do teshuvah and mitzvos, and to be aware that the King of the Universe, Hashem, is coming. They were excited to help Rabbi Oppen demonstrate how the three different kolos resemble the sounds we make when we cry. The children carefully felt the smooth and rough shofros that were passed around. Thanks to Rabbi Oppen for a fun and educational program.


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