HAFTR - SoupAs part of their parashah-learning this week, the Pre-K children in HAFTR cooked lentil soup. The children got together to peel, chop, mix, and read the recipe as a community. Chopping celery, peeling carrots, stirring, and mixing are all actions that develop children’s small-muscle control and eye-hand coordination. Cooking activities inspire children’s curiosity. They learn comparative terms as they measure items for a recipe. They develop problem-solving skills through experimentation and observe cause and effect when they watch the ingredients come together to form something delicious. However, making soup is not just an exercise in math and science; when you see life through a Jewish lens, cooking becomes so much more. The ingredients used will determine which berachah to recite before eating. Sharing one’s food provides us with the opportunity to practice chesed as we saw the Avos and Imahos perform. Sharing in Hashem’s bounty gives us a reason to thank Hashem for watching over us.


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