x4Merom Yerushalayim is being built on the grounds of the historical Schneller army base. In 1860, Ludwig Schneller selected this plot to be the first one to be developed beyond the Old City walls, transforming it into the Schneller Estate. During World War II, the British captured this coveted landmark and turned it into an army base. After the establishment of the State of Israel, Schneller became a strategic base for the Israeli army until 2008, when the army relocated and the estate became a community landmark. In 2010, entrepreneurs purchased the only part of the area designated for housing development, dreaming of creating a chareidi neighborhood whose residents would appreciate the unique advantages that the location had to offer–and Merom Yerushalayim was born.

Since most of the complex is restricted by preservation laws, the seven residential buildings will be nestled in the vast five-acre area–and will remain the only buildings there. The rest of the complex will comprise beautifully landscaped parks and playgrounds. Ten historically preserved buildings, some of which are more than 150 years old, will be restored for use as community facilities, such as schools and kindergartens, including a new Museum of Jewish History, the largest in the world. In addition to all these advantages, there will be no vehicular traffic throughout the complex. Residents will access the underground parking lot through a private tunnel from the Yirmiyahu Street entrance, and visitors will park in a public parking lot right outside the complex.

In the heart of Geulah on one side, with an entrance from Bar Ilan—Yirmiyahu on the other side, Merom Yerushalayim—Schneller lies at 820 meters above sea level–the highest point in the area. The residential buildings, with five to seven floors each, totaling 195 apartment units, have opulent lobbies, underground parking lot, arched entryways, oversized rooms, and optional guest suites in select units. The apartments all have a spacious floor plan designed to the highest of standards and feature state-of-the-art amenities combined with antique motifs that blend in with the estate’s historic ambience. A group of acclaimed design consultants from around the world has been recruited to design the project. Each one brings to the table his own area of expertise, combining to create a project of international standards in the middle of Jerusalem. Among the amenities being offered are American-style custom wall paint, high-quality kitchen cabinetry and finished imported aluminum modern bathroom fixtures, intercom and CCTV systems for each unit, oversized rooms, decorative front door, designer interior doors, and arched entryways. The actual ground level of the complex will have no vehicular traffic, and the massive green areas will be landscaped into parks, groves of trees, walking paths, and playgrounds.

One-bedroom apartments start at NIS 1,750,000 (approx. $475,000); three-bedroom apartments start at NIS 2,890,000 (approx $780,000). Garden apartments of different sizes are available. The estimated move-in date is in 2015.

“From the first moment that I set foot on the Schneller complex, I was speechless to behold the peace and tranquility that surrounds the area. It’s unreal to think that the most thriving street in Geulah is just footsteps away. The privacy wall that encircles the property, coupled with the property’s high elevation, separates Schneller from its surroundings. All you can hear is the rustling wind and the chirping of birds from tall trees,” relates Yossi Waldman CEO of the Rothner Highgates Group.

Where can you find a home that is centrally located in the heart of Jerusalem yet is set in a quiet, picturesque neighborhood surrounded by greenery and scenic buildings quite reminiscent of the old-style estates in Europe? Only Merom Yerushalayim—Schneller can provide this seemingly impossible “best of both worlds” option. Close to the major chassidic centers, shopping areas, and transportation hubs of the city, the Merom Yerushalayim project also offers luxury living in a village-like setting. You might actually believe you’ve driven out of the city and into a country estate as soon as you enter the enclosed neighborhood. Living in Merom Yerushalayim, you won’t have to compromise on anything: location, comfortable, spacious apartments, access to spiritual centers and shopping areas, parks, trees, tranquility and space–you can have it all!

The Merom Yerushalayim—Schneller project is being undertaken by three private construction firms that are the largest and most experienced in the chareidi construction sector: Tzameret Ha’ir, Pisgat Tal, and Rothner Highgates. Rothner Highgates is one of the largest developers in the chareidi and religious sectors in Israel, and is currently developing, in partnership with Tzameret Ha’ir, a large residential project on the former Osem lot in Bnei Brak. Rothner Highgates also initiated, among others, the 3,200-unit Achuzat Rothner project in Kiryat Malachi. Pisgat Tal is involved in the construction of hundreds of luxury apartments in areas of high demand, among them the final stage of the Ganei Tal project on Chazon Ish—Gordon Streets in Bnei Brak, and a new development currently under construction in Ashdod. Financial backing for the Merom Yerushalayim—Schneller project is provided by Bank Hapoalim. The project architect is Braidman-Agmon, an exclusive boutique firm specializing in luxury designs. The project is being marketed exclusively by Sun Chen Realtors, whose representatives are available to make visits to countries with Jewish communities interested in project details.

The information in this article previously appeared in Mishpacha Magazine. Visit www.meromyerushalayim.com for more information or contact Sun Chen Exclusive Realtors at sales@sun-chen.co.il or 718-732-3609. v


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