By Adam Mayer

Intrinsic in every sefer Torah hides an extraordinary light imbued with the pure luminescence of the Ribbono shel Olam. A pure light that comforts the weary, emboldens the weak, and can singularly expunge all darkness in the World. This pure light–however bright and enduring–can only be seized and observed by privileged few.

On Sunday, October 6, Bais Tefilla of Inwood will host a special hachnasas sefer Torah for the entire Five Towns Jewish community. The sefer that will be paraded through the streets with great simcha is from pre-war Europe and somehow has managed to find itself amongst a community of dedicated young b’nei Torah. If one would simply contemplate on the magnificent display of Jewish continuity this hachnasas sefer Torah represents, we would break into immediate shirah v’hoda’ah.

Bais Tefilla of Inwood, under the tutelage of the Rav Pinchos Weinberger, shlita, has opened a community discretionary fund, a loan gemach, and a flourishing n’shei; it holds regular weekly and Shabbos shiurim and a lively night kollel; and the capstone is the community initiative, distinct from the shul, to build a mikveh taharah for the benefit of the entire Five Towns community at large.

And it is precisely because of the shul’s young and driven base that this hachnasas sefer Torah is so special. It is the continuity that out of the ashes of churban Europe a sefer Torah can be paraded through the streets of Inwood, surrounded by young families and generations of Yidden to embrace its kedushah and openly welcome it into their lives and homes.

On October 6, the entire Five Towns Jewish community is requested and encouraged to partake in this momentous occasion as we welcome this sefer Torah and reinvigorate its cherished past to be utilized by a growing community. The event begins at the Fischler residence, located at 280 Morris Avenue in Inwood, at 2:30 p.m. to be followed promptly by the procession to Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island located at 321 Doughty Boulevard. There will be pekalach for the kids, singing, dancing, and a seudas mitzvah l’ma’an haTorah.

On that day with young and old celebrating the re-inauguration of an old sefer Torah, perhaps all can join together if but for a fleeting few hours to open our eyes and partake in this great simcha. v


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