Israeli paratroopers at the Western Wall in 1967

By Larry Gordon

Israel will be triumphant and terrorism will be defeated but as Bibi Netanyahu said 45 days ago when this all started, it is going to take some time.  Those of us who are ardent supporters of what is just and right and as a result are devotees of a strong Israel may have been spoiled by the lightening quick victory that Israel scored in the Six Day War in 1967.

Perhaps you lived through it and experienced it or maybe you’ve studied it or read about it.  By all accounts it was a miraculous and euphoric experience for Israel and indeed all Jews around the world.  As an elementary school student at the time I can vaguely recall the news being delivered about the Israel Air Force destroying the Egyptian Air Force while the latter’s planes were still on the ground just thinking about taking off,   And I can recall the story about how 80 Syrian fighter jets were knocked out of the sky while the IAF suffered no losses.

It is now day 45 of the war in Gaza and so far Israel refuses to either categorize it as a war and for that matter in un-1967 like fashion so far, is resisting the temptation or just plain refusing to win.  Netanyahu said on Wednesday that there are many considerations factored in to how Israel conducts these operations in Gaza.  In addition to military matters, he said, there are both political and economic issues to consider.

In 1967 Israel had no time or simply was too naïve to debate and discuss political or economic matters.  Back then it was fight to win or die.

The news reports today that Israel has called up an additional 10,000 reservists.  The handwriting is on the wall.  They are eventually going back into Gaza and taking it over for the long run or for as long as it takes to root out the depth of the terror that exists there.

Israel and even the US thought that it was possible to find a place where freedom, democracy and terror can live side by side.  It now has become evident that this is not possible.  I miss 1967.


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