What do you want your color to say about you?

By Elie Robinson

While writing this, I’m glancing out the window, and the glorious sun suggests only one thing: spring has arrived. I’m going to be (foolishly) optimistic in saying that the brighter days are here to stay. Though this kind of weather does have a habit of sparking uncontested joy, it also triggers a question: what does one wear?

It was sad for me to box up the few remaining flannels from our winter collection (I’m a huge flannel fan) this past week. The time has come, when the sun is out and the temperatures are in the fifties, to move on from our winter fabrics and colors to lighter-weight fabrics and brighter colors to reflect the mood of the season.

The psychology of color is very deep, which I will leave to the professionals. For the purpose of this writing, I will dive into the use of colors as used in marketing/branding and ultimately on the clothes we wear. A basic example used in many Marketing 101 courses is the use of red and yellow by the national fast-food chains. This is very calculated as those colors are proven to have the consumer feel rushed, which is exactly what a fast-food chain is looking for.

What story do the colors you are wearing tell the observer?

blue crabs tie
Light blue checker


Medium- and light-blue express tranquility, security, integrity, peace, loyalty, trust, and intelligence.






Purple shows royalty, nobility, spirituality, luxury, ambition, and wealth.

Pink shows health, happiness, sweetness, compassion, and playfulness, while red shows love, passion, energy, power, and strength.

When looking for spring/summer shirts, selecting a lightweight 100% cotton fabric will keep you cool in the heat to come.

blue tech pant

Another way to transition seasons is through the weight or texture of the fabrics worn. In my previous writing, I discussed lightweight jeans with neutral stitching so they can be dressed up or down. The latest trend of hybrid dress pants looks like a dress pant but is made of synthetic materials and feels more like wearing sweatpants (yes, that comfortable). We took our own spin on this trend with our blue and gray tech pants.

What colors and fabrics do you want to show off this spring/summer? Ultimately, the best way to find your spring/summer colors and fabrics is to try them on. Visit our fit store located at 536 Central Avenue to see these and many other styles.

Elie Robinson is the founder of Under 5’10. For more information, visit Under510.com. For questions and comments, email help@under510.com.


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