By Phyllis J. Lubin

At press time we will officially welcome the first day of spring. Although we just cleaned more snow off our cars yesterday morning, there is a spring atmosphere hitting the neighborhood! Alas, Purim has ended: the goodies that we gathered have all been organized; the graggers have been put away; and we are already anticipating the next big event on the calendar.

I walked into Gourmet Glatt yesterday and found that they had moved my Arnold’s diet bread from its usual spot to be replaced by kosher-for-Pesach stock! Does that mean that it is time to clean? Unfortunately, I am not that organized homemaker who has a schedule for her cleaning. I am the type of person who tends to begin cleaning binges at the strangest times. And cleaning requires actually making an even bigger mess in the process of attaining my goal. Reminds me of the old adage, “Things will get worse before they get better.”

While straightening up the house for the Purim seudah, I caught a glimpse of the various projects that will need to begin very soon. Everything might seem a bit overwhelming when taken as a whole, but if I remind myself that I have a month to procrastinate, I feel a bit calmer.

I love this time of year! There seems to be music in the air. On Purim day, while Yussie was waiting for a special Purim visit from Shlomo and Chava and wouldn’t leave the front window of the house and was keeping the front door wide open until their appearance, I suddenly heard singing!

I came out to the front hall to see where the music was coming from and found Yussie dancing with a group of masked boys that I surely did not recognize. But you have to remember that Yosef Binyamin Lubin is very popular in this town and definitely knows more people than I, so I presumed that Yussie knew the dancing bachurim! I quickly whipped out my camera and they all paused for a Kodak moment. When the apparent ringleader of the group turned to Yussie and asked him his name, I realized that my musical visitors didn’t know any of us! They were merely going door to door spreading holiday cheer (while collecting some needed tzedakah of course)–what a wonderful world!

The Purim holiday was spent in our usual manner: hearing the Megillah reading; exchanging mishloach manot with family and friends; and culminating with the Purim seudah. This year Yussie actually heard the Megillah three times–on Saturday night with Rabbi Meir and the amazing crew at Chabad of the Five Town’s children’s reading; on Sunday morning following the 7:00 a.m. minyan at Chabad with my husband Leib; and a bonus time sitting alongside my dad, Donald Davidson, at the Young Israel of Woodmere following the 9:00 a.m. minyan. I am so proud of Yussie–not only did he sit and listen patiently, he also blew his whistle when he knew that Haman’s name was being said.

Yes, he blew a whistle as his gragger, since this year my team (my eldest daughter, Rivka, Rochel, Lea, Yussie, and myself) all dressed up as the “Lubin Lifeguards”–not a difficult costume to create, since I have about a million lifeguard shirts and whistles.

This Purim tended to be a bit more challenging for me since I have recently renewed my commitment to Weight Watchers. I made sure to use my allotted “points” on only what was important to me. Thanks to my mom, Esther Davidson, our Purim seudah included some three-point sushi as well this year (don’t worry–we had plenty to eat for the sushi fearful).

As I sit and reflect in front of my computer screen, I am looking forward to some wonderful days ahead. A special mazal tov to a very special friend of the Lubin family, Chava Ross, on her upcoming nuptials this Thursday. Mazal tov to Chava and her beloved Nathan Goltsman and to the entire Ross family!

March is always a festive celebration of wedded bliss in the Lubin family: our anniversary is March 10, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law Harris and Ora’s big day is March 13, and my in-laws Bernice and Isaac’s is on March 18. Happy anniversary to us all! v

Phyllis Joy Lubin is an attorney with Maidenbaum & Sternberg, LLP, who resides in Cedarhurst with her husband, Leonard. They have six children–Naftali, Shoshana, Rivka, Rochel, Yosef, and Lea–and a daughter-in-law, Nina. The author welcomes your questions and comments at


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