Andre Barbosa can safely say that he has one  of the nicest homes on the block in Boca Raton, Florida.

But the 23-year-old Brazilian national does  not own or even rent the palatial $2.5million estate legally – he is a  squatter.

Barbosa, originally from the neighboring  Pompano Beach, moved into 580 Golden Harbour Drive in July

Now he is threatening to use an obscure real  estate law that allows people to claim a property as their own if they stay  there for seven years.

No one witnessed Barbosa breaking into the  7,522-squae foot, five-bedroom, six-bathroom waterfront home, so he cannot be  arrested.

And Bank of America, which foreclosed on the  house, so far has done nothing to evict the 23-year-old and reclaim the  property.

Other residents in the tony part of Boca  Raton where most home sell for upwards of $1million want something done about  the unusual living arrangement.

Next-door neighbor Lyn Houston told the Sun-Sentinel that she had  approached Bank of America last week with an offer to buy the foreclosed house  that Barbosa has been calling home, but she has received no response.

‘We’re all going crazy, trying to figure out  what to do,’ she said. ‘It’s unbelievable that it can be done. Plus, if they’ve  got the balls to break in the house, what’s to prevent them from coming over  here?’

Barbosa was not immediately available for  comment, but on Wednesday afternoon, Bank of America released the following  statement to MailOnline:

‘We have been in communication with the Boca  Raton Police Department regarding the concerns with the occupants of Golden  Harbour Drive property. 

‘There is a certain legal process we are  required by law to follow and we have filed the appropriate action.  The  bank is taking this situation seriously and we will work diligently to resolve  this matter.’

Property records show that the house, which  was built in 2001, was sold to a family in 2005 for $3.1million. The deed is  currently valued at $2.48million.

Bank of America foreclosed on the  cream-colored stucco mansion in July. Shortly after, Barbosa notified the Palm  Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office that he was moving in.

Barbosa posted a notice in the front  window  of his swanky residence naming him as a ‘living beneficiary to  the Divine  Estate being superior of commerce and usury.’

Next to it he placed a signed copy of  the  Adverse Possession law, which allows a person to claim the title on a property  after seven years.

Police were called to the address the day  after Christmas, but did not evict Barbosa after he presented officers a copy of  the adverse possession documents.

Speaking to Thursday, a homeowner  who asked not to be identified said that he entered the house around the same  time and found four people inside, Barbosa among them.

One of the people said that the group is  ‘establishing an embassy for their mission,’ and that families would be moving  in and out of the property.

The neighbor said he believes that the  23-year-old is a ‘patsy’ who got caught up in something bigger.

According to his Facebook page, the  23-year-old, who refers to himself as ‘Loki Boy’ after the Norse god of  mischief, attended South Technical Education Center in Boynton Beach and South  Tech Academy in West Palm Beach.

In a brazen move, he also created a page for  the Boca Raton mansion where  he has been living and entertaining friends, which  he calls Templo de  Kamisamar.

Meanwhile, neighbors around Golden Harbour  Drive who spoke to the station WPEC had a clear message for the unwanted  resident: Leave now!

‘You’re walking into a house, it’s crazy. And  the point of not being able to get him out is even crazier,’ one unidentified  neighbor said.


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