“It made my yom tov!”

“Such a beautiful night!”

These were just some of the sentiments from the young women who participated in Sh’eefa’s inaugural Leil Shavuos Night of Learning. The learning, dedicated anonymously as a z’chus for a refuah sheleimah for Adeena Chaya bas Aviva and Breindel bas Reitza and l’ilui nishmas HaRav Shmuel ben Tziporah, a’h, filled a much-felt need–ensuring that women have a place to learn throughout Shavuos night. Delicious refreshments were provided throughout the night to ensure a most comfortable learning environment.

There was standing room only as over 100 women came out to Aish Kodesh to learn together. The program featured inspiring shiurim from Rebbetzin Myrna Weinberger, Rabbi Aryeh Cohen, Rabbi Shalom Yona Weiss, and Rabbi Elly Storch, followed by a chabura led by Sh’eefa participant Ahuva Fox. After learning through the night, the women completed Sefer Tehillim together, a truly special way to culminate such a magical evening. Thank-you to all of the wonderful volunteers and sponsors for making this event possible!

Sh’eefa looks forward to continuing its programs and shiurim throughout the summer!

This Sunday, June 18, at 10:15 a.m., Sh’eefa is privileged to hear from Mrs. Schali Chrein, registered nurse, morah, kallah teacher, and certified relationship coach, who will be speaking on the topic of “Sometimes When You’re Right, You’re Wrong: The Torah’s View of Excelling in All Our Relationships.” All women in the community are invited to attend!

Sh’eefa, now in its 12th year, has been offering post-seminary women the chance to hear from phenomenal educators, both local teachers as well as lecturers from abroad. It’s a chance to reconnect with friends and mentors, and tap into true Torah inspiration. All Sh’eefa shiurim take place in the social hall of Aish Kodesh, 894 Woodmere Place. For more information about weekly shiurim, to dedicate a shiur, or to sign up for e-mails, visit www.sheefa.org or call 516-6-SHEEFA. You can also follow Sh’eefa on Instagram @sheefaseminary. 



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