A Special Message from Rabbi Duv Fendel

I am writing these words just before all of Klal Yisrael’s hearts join as one at the heart-wrenching funeral for the three boys who died “Al Kiddush Hashem”.

As in the past, Sderot once again is bearing the brunt of Gazan terror, targeted by volley after volley of missile attacks. You may have heard about the rocket explosion which destroyed a factory here in Sderot on Shabbat, but I’d like to retell it and convey, not only an eyewitness but also a “heart-witness” report on what’s happening.

This Shabbat we hosted my parents and grandchildren.  The siren sounded as Shabbat was ebbing away, but we thought it was just another uneventful Kassam attack — until we went outside…

Outside we saw huge black clouds — we even thought it was a chemical attack! Unfortunately, one of my younger sons who was at a youth group decided to go with his friends to see what’s happening and ran towards the fire. Suddenly, he felt a blast of extreme heat. He quickly turned around and stopped a car (Shabbat was already out) and returned home with severe burns on his ear and hands.

Meanwhile, back at the Yeshiva we had continued with our singing and weekly “Sicha”. The message was clear — we must strengthen our resolve to build, grow and carry on! Our spirit is invincible and unbreakable!

This is the same message our former Hesder director, Mayor Alon Davidi has conveyed to every TV and radio station — we have the strength and fortitude to stand up to terror as long as it takes for the IDF to get the job done. This morning he said that the proper Zionist response in Sderot is to bring more students, more families, more construction and more growth. Together with him and together with you – we are providing the truest  response  to Arab terror.

We know you all care — but now, as our city is under attack — is the time to strengthen and solidify our presence in Sderot. There are many ways you can help.

We are rushing to complete the construction of yet another armored dormitory — 60 protected rooms for Israel’s heroic youth who keep coming to study here on Israel’s frontline. Dormitory rooms can be dedicated for $18,000 each.

Many of our students just can’t afford to pay tuition. An annual donation of $3600 will help us take in these eager students despite their disadvantaged socio-economic background.

Smaller donations will help as well – $360 for 15 raffle tickets in our Spring raffle which ends next  week. (details at sderot.org/English)


Please be our partners as we stand strong in the most authentic Jewish, Zionist and Torah response to those who try to destroy us!


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