By David Landau

Passover symbolizes freedom for the Jewish people. Today in Israel, that freedom comes at a cost and sometimes a high one. IDF soldiers are constantly standing guard, putting their own lives on the line in to order protect Israel and allow all of us to be free and safe.

Every year the IDF contacts Standing Together and asks for help in supplying families of IDF soldiers who don’t have the means to purchase the basic needs for the Passover holiday. It is simply inconceivable to think that an IDF soldier who puts their life on the line will not be able to enjoy the holiday with their family due to financial difficulties.

Standing Together turns to the community for support. Wherever you might be and whatever your political or ideological opinions might be, Israel and IDF soldiers should unite us.

ST will be giving boxes of goods and food to families of IDF soldiers who are in financial difficulties so that they can celebrate Passover without having to worry about their financial situation. If there is anyone who deserves to feel like royalty this Passover, it is IDF soldiers.

The cost for a Passover goods box is $60 and the goal is to reach 1,000 families of IDF soldiers. ST needs $60,000 to cover all the soldiers’ families and is asking the community for help in making sure those who are protecting Israel can celebrate like the rest of the Jewish nation.

All donations are tax-deductible in the US.

For tax deductible donations in Israel, click here


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