from ‘Tze’dek’ Magazine, Makor Rishon, Written by Gil Bringer on March 14, 2012. Translated as a public service by Women in Green

While in Israel there are talks of resuming the negotiations, the Palestinian Authority is establishing facts on the ground. The goal, which has long since been stated, is to take over areas ‘C’ and create territorial continuities. The method: establishing and developing Bedouin settlements while providing financial and legal support to the residents, who are increasingly identifying with the idea of a Palestinian state. The State’s Prosecutor turns a blind eye, and the Civil Administration ignores the matter and in fact conducts a double-standard policy between Jews and Arabs. The Palestinians: “Jerusalem is the gateway to heaven, and the Valley is the gateway to Palestine”.

They will come from somewhere in the area with a vehicle and a
water-tank trailer, slow down near the Rimonim checkpoint, turn onto a
side track and park after a few meters, right next to the Mekorot
pumping station. High up on the observation point, a soldier on duty
will watch them fill the water-tank with a pipe that’s already waiting
for them there. No one from the outpost will stop them. That’s the
procedure and that’s the order. From here they will continue onwards
with their vehicle. The will return to their small settlement, located
beneath one of the road’s curves. While driving down Vered road, which
runs between Rimonim and Jericho, they will wave hello to another
family member in the opposite lane. He too will be traveling with an
empty water-tank. He too is on the way to the pumping station. He too
will return to the illegal settlement he lives in with a water-tank
that was filled, courtesy of the Israeli government. Routine in the
Kingdom of the Jordan Valley.

The Bedouin settlements that have been spreading in the area are
desperate for water. Without it they can’t survive. Up until recently
the tribes used to drill into the Mekorot pipes and steal water.
Occasionally, after drilling they never bothered connecting a new pipe
that would lead the water to the encampment. The result was the
non-stop flow of water that was left to leak away. Israel, for it’s
own reasons, chose not to fight the phenomenon, instead choosing to
supply the illegal Bedouin settlement with the water it needs to
develop. The pumping stations that are scattered across different
areas in Judea and Samaria provide the Bedouins with all the water
they need, all in a known and legal way. But this new way of obtaining
water, albeit simpler, more organized, and allowing the Bedouins to
expand their invasion of remote lands that have never seen a Mekorot
pipe, requires the Bedouins use equipment that they do not
traditionally possess: giant containers, huge water-tanks, and
water-tank trailers. But there are those who are interested in the
Bedouin expansion and the obtaining of these new areas. They
understand the need for the water equipment and therefor supply …read more
Source: Israpundit


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