Adin Steinzalz

On Sunday evening, June 10, the Steinsaltz Center will host a Gala Dinner at the Orient Hotel in Jerusalem to mark the milestone 80th birthday and unparalleled pedagogical achievements of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, an intellectual luminary and trailblazing educator, whose expansive commentaries and translations have made the world of Jewish knowledge accessible to all.

In addition to celebrating the culmination of Rabbi Steinsaltz’s life’s work, the event will launch both a special 24-hour online sale on all Steinsaltz titles offered by Koren Publishers Jerusalem, and a $500,000 CauseMatch campaign to support the Center’s ongoing educational programming, future book development initiatives, and a new digitization project that will provide global access to all Steinsaltz commentaries and translations.

In what promises to be Koren’s most significant sale of the year, select Steinsaltz titles will be counted up to 50 percent.  The sale begins on June 10 at  The Steinsaltz Center’s CauseMatch campaign will be open to donations until mid-July. Those interested in contributing to campaign can donate at

The dinner program will include a keynote speech by Rabbi Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and a tribute concert by Jewish music legend Rabbi Avraham Fried. All 360 titles produced by the Steinsaltz Center will be on display at the Koren book sale, and a multimedia presentation detailing all of the educational institutions, programs and projects that will directly benefit from the CauseMatch campaign.


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