By Rochelle Maruch Miller

With every landscape he creates, Steven Addona weaves a web of magic. A landscape architect who regards his work as a labor of love, Steven discovered his passion for landscape design at a tender age, a talent he inherited from his father, Giovanni, who owned a gardening maintenance company. Dipping his hands into the soil, young Steven would create works of art even before he could read. Accompanying his dad on the job, he would watch in awe as Giovanni worked with meticulous attention to every detail. Steven’s interest and work ethic did not go unnoticed by his father; by the time Steven was ten, Giovanni had taught him how to clean flowerbeds and cultivate healthy soil. A quick study, Steven was already trimming topiaries, pruning ornamental shrubs, and shaping trees as a teenager.

Throughout the ensuing years, his artistry and eye for aesthetics have afforded him many opportunities. While earning his college degrees in hotel management, horticulture, and business marketing, Steven was chosen from among thousands of students to work at Walt Disney World. It was an experience that impacted Steven’s future, teaching him marketing and public speaking. At  the same time, he learned about other aspects of the park, such as the clever arrangement of texture and color in the distinctive foliage and flowers.

Giovanni Addona infused his son with his own passion for and appreciation of nature’s beauty. Unfortunately, an on-the-job accident rendered Giovanni unable to continue working. Continuing to maintain and beautify the gardens and lawns with loving precision in his dad’s tradition, Steven brought his lifelong dream of creating distinctive landscapes to fruition. Noticing a beautiful, newly built home, he decided to seize the opportunity. Steven knocked on the door, and offered to provide designs and landscape the property.

Thus was Steven Addona Landscaping launched. After orchestrating the project to beautiful fruition, Steven placed a sign on the front lawn, and has earned a sterling reputation as one of Long Island’s most innovative and sought-after landscape artists.

Steven’s practice encompasses both residential and commercial projects. His signature gardens, each one a masterpiece, now grace the entrances to magnificent estates in Lawrence, Atlantic Beach, as well as homes in large and small communities alike. Steven has designed the landscape architecture for shopping centers, schools, and organizations, including Bay Harbour Mall, HAFTR, and Hatzalah. The firm provides all aspects of landscaping, including custom computer image design, specimen trees and shrubs, annual flower contracts, waterfalls, retaining walls made of stone and boulders, rock gardens, landscape lighting, patios, and driveways.

His work cannot be categorized in terms of style. Steven is equally skilled at modern, traditional, and all other genres of design. Particularly esteemed for his ability to add dramatic and measurable value to any property he designs, including landscape lighting, Steven Addona has been creating exquisitely landscaped environments for over 20 years, one masterpiece at a time. Setting standards of excellence throughout the industry, Steven is widely respected as a consummate professional and a man of integrity, who brings a special vision to site-planning and a distinct aesthetic sensitivity to the design of outdoor space. He takes an old-fashioned approach to each project. Steven begins with an informal and artistic approach to site planning, along with a clear understanding of the client’s desires and needs.

“I love when people admire my work and tell me they appreciate my using nature to create art,” Steven says.

“After nine seasons of working with Steven, I still love receiving messages from people, telling us how thrilled they are with his work–that it’s a living work of art,” says Janice Roberts, business manager of Steven Addona Landscaping. Janice, who was formerly a talent agent, had originally planned on having Steven appear on a television show. Realizing the increasing number of client requests that Steven was being inundated with on a daily basis, both Steven and Janice decided that having her join the firm permanently would prove most beneficial. It is one of the best decisions Janice has ever made and she still hopes to have him star on a television show. “Steven would be ideal for television,” she told this author. “His designs, his personality–he has the charisma to attract a large viewer audience.” And judging by his ever-expanding client base, he certainly has the following.

Clients often comment on how their every expectation was exceeded by Steven’s brilliant designs, passion, creativity, and his complete and total involvement in all aspects of a project.

“Steven is an absolute pleasure to deal with,” says Sarah, a Lawrence resident and longtime client. “His work is peerless; his signature designs are breathtaking. Every landscaping project he designs is a unique and beautiful work of art–unlike anything you have seen. That’s because Steven meets with each client and discusses their specific needs and their lifestyle to determine the perfect design for them. He affords every project the same painstaking attention to detail and makes sure the client is 100% satisfied with the results. Additionally, Steven himself has to feel the project is completed to his total satisfaction, which is why some projects take longer than others. At times I have had to wait for weeks–and perhaps months–for Steven to complete a prior project for another one of his clients before beginning work on my landscaping. But I, as well as other highly satisfied clients, wait patiently for Steven to arrive and begin performing his landscaping miracles on my property. The beautiful results make it all worthwhile!”

Steven Addona Landscaping is located in the Five Towns. To schedule a consultation, please call 516-220-8364.

Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist, creative-media consultant, lecturer, and educator who writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She welcomes your comments at



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