The topic we’re all done with. The one that we can’t stand hearing. Corona. My father is in the hospital battling it. My mother just got over with it. Those who aren’t taking the proper precautions are affecting others and their home life. It hurts and the little kids get traumatized and it hurts people. I’m asking you to please stop spreading and start protecting. Please take precautions. Please be careful. You’ll be saving lives and saving heartaches that families are getting.

Have a wonderful week and gmar chasimah tovah!

We Gotta Move On


I was recently in quarantine. And this thought came to me.

I’m sitting at home with my family. We are spending time with each other. We are not running off to any friends or outings. It’s just us at home. But the world continues while everything here just stops (in a certain way). It’s a crazy thought to think that everything will continue even if your world needs to stop. Things need to continue.

We also can’t be dwelling on the past. We need to continue making memories for the future. A friend of mine told me that she was home the whole summer because of the virus. Her plans were canceled. I told her “Oh, I’m so sorry.” These are her exact words: “It’s fine. Nothing that anyone could have changed anyways. I’m just going to live in the present and just make a new memory.” I call that positivity and moving on. Not dwelling. It happened. You can’t sit on it. There are two things you can’t worry about, what you can change and what you can’t change.

Don’t dwell. Just acknowledge and move on. Make it better.

Have a wonderful week!


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