As Israel prepared for a stormy, wintry weekend, the airport in Eilat, the country’s southernmost city, was closed Friday afternoon due to heavy rains which caused flooding on its landing strips. As a result, two flights from Eilat to Tel Aviv were delayed.

Earlier that day, two flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat were diverted back to Tel Aviv’s Sde Dov airport, while a third flight was diverted to the nearby Ovda Air Force base.

At the time of writing, the Israeli Airports Authority was making efforts to reopen the airport.

Meanwhile on Friday, the road connecting Eilat to the rest of Israel became so flooded that it had to be closed to incoming traffic. However, it was later reopened, with police directing traffic on the slippery road.

Rainy weather was also reported elsewhere in Israel, with Haifa boasting the highest quantity of rain measured.

Source: Times Of Israel

Source: Times Of Israel


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