Now that  the  half  inch ” snow storms” are  almost behind us, Israelis are no longer in a panic and  are  beginning to return to their favorite past time  – politics
There are so many stories to choose from but I think the biggest jolt came
not from a major party or  politician, rather from a party that is hardly ever mentioned in the mainstream media and attracts almost no Jewish attention.
I refer to “Chadash” the Israeli Communist party.
From it’s inception it was one of those many Communist parties around the world, branches of the Soviet Union and Stalin’s glee club. The  Communist dictator could not be  too ruthless, kill enough Jews and others or help Israel’s  Arab enemies for the Israeli communist to mumble a word of protest. Just praise – always
Traditionally it’s leader was a Jew, for many  years Meir Wilner, the quintessential east European Jew raised under the light of the “Sun of the Nations”,comrade Stalin. He was his master’s  voice in the Knesset.
Though Wilner led the party it was not a place where many Jews met. It was in fact one of the Arab parties  competing for a place in the hearts of the internal opposition to  the Jewish state.
With Wilner’s passing  and that of the Worker’s Paradise, Chadash  no longer is led by a Jewish Stalinist. They still claim that they are “Communist” but  have only one token Jew, Dov Chanin, not their leader, which is not  necessarily a plus for them as they compete for the anti Jewish, Arab vote in the Israel.
Now for the story of the week.
Former head of the Jewish Agency, former head of the Israel Labor Party and son of the late head of the National Religious party Dr. Joseph Burg, announced this past Shabbat at a Chadash gathering that he is joining their ranks.
(Still) wearing a kippa, he explained that he violated the Sabbath to attend the meeting in Nazareth because of “pekuach nefesh” -  a matter of life and death…
What shall we hear next  from this independent, avant garde thinker?
Perhaps he will convert to Islam?
Maybe he  will join ISIS?
The prophet has told us that in the time of redemption, good will be called bad and bad will be called good.
They further tell us that “chutzpa” will reign.
We live in prophesy  being fulfilled all around us.
Nu. Is  Israeli politics not “interesting”?


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